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Behavior help for you and your cat

  • Is your cat eliminating where he shouldn’t?
  • Does she scratch your furniture?
  • Does she threaten other cats or people?
  • Is she afraid of loud noises or people or just seems anxious in general?
  • Does she meow too much?
  • Is she out of control, escaping the yard or causing other problems?
  • Want to know how best to train your cat, prevent problems and create a great relationship with her?
  • Want to know WHY your Kitty does what she does?
  • Want information you can trust that’s based on science rather than myths and misunderstanding?

You’ve come to the RIGHT PLACE!!

At you’ll find the information, strategies and tools you need to understand your cat, and prevent, manage and resolve her behavior problems.

OUR information and products are based on the SCIENCE of ANIMAL BEHAVIOR, not wild ideas, myths or fantasies.

Our academic training, our combined 50 years of experience working not only with people and pets but other species of animals, and our close professional and personal relationships with the BEST people in the field means you are getting the best information and advice ANYWHERE.

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