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Kitten Problems

The most common kitten problems are scratching objects , biting, out of control play, climbing on things or not getting along with resident adult cats. Most kittens out grow these problems, but some do not. Kittens can sometimes have trouble using the litterbox if it doesn’t meet their behavioral needs. Our booklet Cats Come Clean tells you how to set up a litterbox your kitten is most likely to use. Some veterinarians and trainers offer kitten kindergartens or kitten socialization classes. These can be helpful in socializing your kitten to others and learning how to manage typical kitten problems.

We have two programs, Helping Kitty Be Good and Helping Kitties Co-Exist that are packed full of great information to help new kittens owners as well adult cat owners create the best possible environment for their cats. They are available in DVD or audio CD format.


To help your kitten get off to the right start with his litterbox, see our booklet Cats Come Clean. Inside you’ll find 50 tips about how to set up a litterbox your cat will like and use! You’ll also gain an understanding of cat bathroom habits and the best ways to prevent elimination problems.

To help prevent conflicts between your cats, get our DVD Helping Kitties Co-Exist. Here you’ll learn what causes conflicts that can lead to elimination problems, how to get your cats to live peaceably together and how to improve their quality of life.

To learn how to provide an enriching environment for your kitten and how to prevent elimination and destructive scratching problems, get our DVD Helping Kitty Be Good. Here you’ll learn what cats want and need to be healthy and happy in your home.

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