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SSSCAT Automated Cat Repellent

Temporarily unavailable. New & Improved Product Under Developement!

A battery operated device that senses the presence of a cat and then makes an audible warning sound and sprays a jet of harmless mist. The sound and spray will startle the cat and cause her to move away.

Great for keeping cats off counters, furniture, plants or specific areas of the house. Works on other small animals like dogs, rabbits and ferrets.

For indoor use only, works on 4 AAA batteries (not included). Spray refills are available.

This is a wonderful way to deter animals from going where you don’t want them, like kitchen counters or closets. This has worked well to keep our cat Buffett off the kitchen counter!

Price – $49.99
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SSSCAT refill 130 gm
Price - $14.95 each
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Because this product must ship by ground, we can only ship it within the continental U.S.

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